sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sing, Grasshopper, Sing

As I write, the forthcoming dusk has painted a pastel-like portrait of a sunset. And Mother Nature herself wraps me in a blanket grabbing hold of my imagination.
The grasshoppers hiss and sing, telling of what the night will bring. 
And there were seven different levels. Each tribe of grasshoppers singing to a different melody. 
Then the loudest of hisses all but silenced at once. 
I remember them sounding like woodpeckers; and once gone, the fainter of the grasshopper hisses crescendo'd into the dominant voice of the evening nearing.  
Music sounds. 
Blades and belts go round. 
The peace disturbed, but the stillness still heard. 
For the grasshoppers still sing, telling of what the night will bring. 
I hear them undoubtedly: Each tribe to a different melody. 
And, so too, the melody you sing will be the life you bring. 
So sing, grasshopper, sing. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Kind of "Heaven on Earth"

I am a girl that marvels at the sunrise each morning. In the moments before the sun breaches the horizon giving way to the most vibrant of colors- I wait in anticipation for the painting of a new sunrise God will reveal to me. And it's in those moments of the sun breaking way to a new day that I find myself whispering to God every little thing I am thankful for. I tilt my face to the heavens and allow the light to emulate and envelop all of me; wrapping me in its warm embrace. I realize, again and again, I have found God. And each day it brings me back to this place. It's my moment in time when I anxiously await for the Creator of this Universe to reveal himself to me. And so he does. For no two day breaks are ever the same. On the days I search for hope- a silver lining in the distant clouds appears and I am reminded of God's promises to me. Then appear the more fiercely vibrant shades of red. of passion. of love... resembling His infinite love for me. But before I know it the intensity of color dissipates as the sun reveals itself completely- rising into the new day's sky. And before I know it God bids me farewell until next time. For he has many other souls to touch, many other oceans to cross and countries to pass through, many mountaintops and valleys to bring the light of day to. But I am thankful: For those fleeting moments, as God begins to paint the night sky into a beautiful picturesque of morning, are the moments I witness God in all his majestic beauty. And those are the moments that I feel as though Heaven on Earth truly exists.